GEN-3 Ceramic Shampoo Twin Pack

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PSE Glasscoat Ceramic Shampoo Twin Pack

A unique blend of cleaning agents designed for use on paintwork that has been treated with GEN-3GLASSCOAT ceramic protection. Simple to use, Ceramic Shampoo will produce excellent cleaning with superb water rinse off properties. Imparts a 'just waxed’ look to newly cleaned surfaces – without expensive wax based products.
Suitable for hand and pressure washing.
After rinsing, cars are almost dry and will need very little leathering to produce a spot free finish. Lasts for over two months and even prevents water borne dirt sticking to glass, plastic and paintwork.
Effective at high dilution
Easily and gently removes road dirt and grime
Does not contain ingredients which accelerate metal corrosion
Safe on paintwork, plastic, metal surfaces, glass and rubber
Contains easy rinse and shine enhancers
Effective in hard and soft waters
Non-caustic 2 x Bottle of 250ml 
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