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GEN-3 Dryclean Waterless Car Wash

At Paintseal Europe Ltd we are very conscious of the effect modern cleaning products have on our environment. Our latest product GEN-3 Dryclean helps protect our environment in a number of ways.

  • Unique bi-polar and hydrophobic action which resists scratching.
  • GEN-3 Dryclean uses no water!
  • A 500ml bottle of GEN-3 Dryclean saves approximately 1 ton of clean water.
  • No Surfactants (detergents) are washed into the storm drains and then into the rivers.
  • No harm to marine life.
  • GEN-3 Dryclean can be used on a Greenfield site.
  • Washing your car with a hosepipe can use more than 180 litres per wash.
  • Washing your car with a bucket and sponge can use over 10 litres.

Each 500ml bottle should be able to achieve approximately 6 or 10 vehicle cleans (depending on size of the vehicle).

Aftercare Questions

How do I clean the car after GEN-3 Glasscoat has been applied?

Just use a mild shampoo to remove any dirt and grime. If you use a car wash just ensure it is a soft brush version and well maintained. Only have the cheapest non-wax cycle- save your money!

Can I wax the car?

The car can be waxed using a non-abrasive wax but this is not recommended, as it will mask the performance of the Glasscoat protective layer. An abrasive wax product will gradually erode the Glasscoat protection therefore is not recommended at all and will invalidate the guarantee.