Beat the hosepipe ban with GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash

Beat the hosepipe ban with GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash

Keeping your car looking shiny and new during the summer isn’t a problem even with a hosepipe ban.  With several southern water authorities issuing hosepipe bans earlier this month means that car owners cannot wash their cars easily or as frequently as they would like, PSE have the solution.

GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash is a specially formulated WATERLESS CAR WASH SYSTEM and the solution to beating the hosepipe ban.

How does it work……..

  • GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash uses absolutely NO water, its unique bi-polar action means that dirt and grime are removed from the surface of the car without scratching the paintwork.
  • GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash leaves the car with a showroom finish.
  • One 500ml bottle of GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash saves an amazing 1000 LITRES of water !

So, beat the ban and keep your car looking cool this summer. Click below to purchase your GEN-3GLASSCOAT Drywash.