PSE wins - Best Automotive Aftercare Specialist 2012

PSE wins - Best Automotive Aftercare Specialist 2012

Birmingham, December 8, 2011 – In these challenged times, every motorist wants to keep their car looking new and shiny for as long as they possibly can. Innovative products that help this aim are naturally to be applauded and it is for this reason that the Institute of Transport Management has named Paintseal Europe Ltd “Best Automotive Aftercare Specialist 2012”.

Paintseal Europe (PSE) was founded just three years ago but has already made great strides in the UK paint and interior protection market. Its products are designed to appeal to both dealer and motorist, and the company has developed a range of own label products with car manufacturers and financial institutions. Some big name OEMs have taken this route to market, including Renault UK, Renault SA (France), Hyundai Motor UK, Suzuki International Europe, SsangYong  and Mitsubishi UK.

PSE provides a concept-to-dealer service, encompassing marketing plan and POS design, product sourcing and formulation, item picking and packing.

Deliveries are made either direct to dealership or in bulk to a centralised distribution network. Following agreement on the project and product implementation plan, PSE works closely with the OEM to deliver point of sale and product packaging.

However, the work doesn’t stop there. To ensure that sales are maximised, PSE works with all levels of OEM field management in order to convert the retail dealer outlets to the programme, while specialist training and visits can be arranged, subject to individual marketing plans.

The flagship product that Paintseal offers is a paint coating called GEN-3GLASSCOAT. The main chemical in GEN-3GLASSCOAT is a form of ceramic liquid glass that hardens into a coating which prevents oxidisation and maintains the “new car” look. The glass-based coating gives surfaces water-repellent properties and a smoother surface on paintwork, which allows any dirt to be removed easily. The water-repellent coating has a self-cleaning effect that allows a certain amount of dirt to be removed when it rains – certainly a boon in the UK! G-3 is also extraordinarily long-lasting – correctly fitted, the coating is stable for over five years on an average mileage vehicle.

According to the ITM:

“GEN-3GLASSCOAT locks in the manufacturer’s shine for at least five years, effectively making it unique in its field. It is a complex formula – a ceramic hardened glass finish which bonds and cross-links to the paint surface to provide a protective hard coating.

It helps new cars keep their “new” look, while revitalising older vehicles – no mean feat and thus a product that has become highly successful in a relatively short space of time.

“Paintseal Europe is the fastest growing company in the UK paint and interior protection marketplace and this, coupled with its excellent product range, deserves recognition. Congratulations to all at PSE – the title of “Best Automotive Aftercare Specialist 2012” is richly deserved.”