PSE at Silverstone with Renault UK

PSE at Silverstone with Renault UK

PSE is delighted to announce that it will attend The World Series by Renault at Silverstone on Saturday and Sunday 20th /21st August 2011. The entire PSE team will be present promoting Ixtar Glasscoat. For the first time PSE will share a site location in The Renault showroom accessories pavilion.

 “We are really looking forward to what is always a fantastic, fun day out for the mass of Renault fans, who regularly turn up for this event”, said Graham Higton, PSE CEO and Renault Account Director.

He went on to say, “It is hoped that the public will not be backward in coming forward, and will come and introduce themselves to the PSE Glasscoat Team. The reaction of the public was amazing last year and we left the venue on a complete high, having heard from hundreds of satisfied GEN-3GLASSCOAT customers. We intend to make even more of an impact this year”.

The event attracts around 60000 guests.