Welcome to GEN-3 Secure Total Security System

GEN-3 Secure Total Security System uses the most technologically advanced anti-theft products for both vehicles and homes, GEN-3 Forensic (DataDot Technology Ltd).

The kit contains a unique DNA-like solution with coded microdots, which is registered exclusively to the consumer. Apply to the main components of the vehicle as per the recommended list overleaf to provide the police with proof of ownership in case of theft.


The liquid is harmless, easy to apply and virtually impossible to remove. It dries clear but shows up under UV lights. The police can find the unique GEN-3 Forensic identity on an international database.


This kit includes special warning stickers, which need to be affixed to the windows of the vehicle. These help deter thieves by highlighting the sophisticated protection that has been employed. Protect your new car with the most advanced security system. GEN-3 Forensic can be applied to:

  • Alloy wheels
  • Plastics
  • Roof Racks
  •  Accessories
  • Engine Parts

It’s not just your car GEN-3 Secure Total Security System protects but your keys as well including in the pack a totally FREE OF CHARGE state of the art Boomerang Tag Key Recovery System.

The Boomerang-Tag is a high quality key fob with a unique reference number and the offer of a £10 reward to the finder if your keys are lost.

Completely Complementary. Simply attach the fob to your keys and return the completed registration by calling the number on the letter.